I'm Felicity Teixeira.


I started Blue Petal Garden Design in 2007, after studying garden design at Lifestyle College in 2005/2006. My group show garden won a Platinum Award at our qualifying 2007 Show Gardens, and this is where my design journey began as clients and landscapers approached me to design gardens for them. 

The gardens I design are simple, balanced and uncluttered. I take a modern approach, with a classic touch. Fusion gardens have over the years become a favourite of mine, as modern architecture and our ever changing lifestyles call for a more flexible approach in garden design. 


It is important in garden design to work with the architectural style of the home so that there is a natural connection between the landscape and the home, but this does not mean that we are tightly bound by the architecture. A client's needs, personality and unique vision are equally important. It is the garden/landscape designer's job to find the way to bring your needs, your vision, and, the practicalities of each site into a cohesive beautiful design that speaks to your Soul!

I believe that a garden that speaks to your Soul is a garden worth having. Nature is a natural healer; and when we surround ourselves with the things we love, we feel nurtured, safe and loved. We do this in our homes; we need to do this in our gardens too.   

“Your home is an extension of your energy field. This is why practices like cleaning your home, rearranging furniture, organizing your closest and getting rid of objects that are cluttering your space can have a profound impact on your mind, body and spirit.” 


So it is with your garden.

My Soul's yearning

Heart-centered, soul connected outdoor spaces that serve to connect people and nature at a Soul level; allowing nature to heal and nurture us, as we value and nurture her.

Connect. Soil to Soul. Soul to Soil. 

My Approach

Over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing the real joy that gardens bring to people; and with time it has become even more important to me to take a more conscious, mindful and heart-centered approach in my work, in order to deliver to you a garden that is fully aligned with your Soul's yearning and with nature. 


To achieve this, it is important that you become engaged in the design process with me so that the end result – the beautiful garden, that I know I can give you – is exactly that! A garden that speaks to your Soul.

Nature is a gift that we are blessed with, a gift that allows us to arrange it in a way that is pleasing to us, and all it asks in return is that we give it the same nurturing and love that we ourselves seek from it. 

"Surround yourself with people and plants that are good for your Soul!"