Phase 1: Garden Consultations

Connect. Explore. Share. Advise.


Whether you're wanting to design a new garden, revamp or remodel an existing one or make small changes to your garden, the starting point is to book a Consultation. 


A Garden Consultation is also Step 1 of the Garden Design Process, and can be done 1. ONSITE or 2. ONLINE.

A GARDEN CONSULTATION includes offering advice on all exterior spaces, i.e. entrances and patios, entertainment areas, swimming pools and firepits/bomas.


This is an hour to 1.5 hours spent with you to assess your needs, assess the site, discuss initial ideas, provide advice and recommendations. Following the Consultation, it will be clear if we need to proceed to Phase 2, work on a design layout, or if we can proceed without it. 


The cost of a consultation varies according to the suburb, so please state your suburb when enquiring or making a booking.


We use technologies such as WhatsApp video, Zoom or Skype.


We work off photographs, videos and information which you provide. You will be provided with a questionnaire prior to the Consultation.

We discuss your needs, problems, soil condition, and I share possible ideas and solutions. 


Initial ideas/concepts

Advice on plants and plant suggestions. You are shown photographs of the plants. 

Advice on maintenance where relevant

Advice on any garden related question you may have

A broad Budget Estimate based on square meterage but which is wholly dependent on the final plan. 

We allow for one 60 minute, or two 30 minute calls at a rate of Rx.

Depending on the size of your garden, we may require additional time, which is then billed at a lower rate.

To book a Consultation, Contact Us. 

See Garden Design for more information on the full GARDEN DESIGN PROCESS.