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About Me

After years of designing the beautiful gardens you can see on my website, I'm itching to pick up the lead pencil again! 15 years ago I swopped the Copywriter's lead pencil for the coloured pencil of garden design. Of course I still used the lead pencil for my own marketing needs - I designed and wrote the content for my website, handled all social media posts on Instagram and Facebook and I write my own newsletters, as well contributing towards publications.


In my prior 10 years in marketing roles I was involved in marketing strategy development, creative concept development, copywriting, editing and proofreading. I'm a conceptual thinker with the ability to conceptualise the creative angle and put the necessary words to it. I make industry jargon sound simple and easy to understand. I've written for direct mail campaigns, website content, print advertising, brochures, social media, email campaigns, newsletters, and corporate profiles. Below are some examples of my past work.


Industries I've written for: postal services, short term insurance, financial services, non-profit organizations, residential and industrial real estate, retail, and travel/transport.     

To find out more or to start working with me please Contact Me by dropping me an email.

See my interview on Business Beat where I discuss the similarities between executing a marketing campaign and landscaping a garden! 

B2C Direct Mail Campaigns 

OM Cross Sell Mailer
OM Cross Sell Letter Back
MF Up Sell Campaign
MF Up Sell Pg 2

B2B Direct Mail Campaigns 

SAPO Campaign letter
SAPO Campaign letter back
SAPO BRS letter
SAPO DL Insert
SAPO DL Insert back
WinPro Letter
WinPro Letter 2

Brochures & Other Marketing Materials

IUCN A3 Planner & A5 Communication Pocket Guide
IUCN Booklet Inside
IUCN Planner How To
MF Brochure Front & Back
MF Brochure Inside
MF PA Brochure Front &  Back
MF PA Brochure Inside
EJ Mailer Advert
EJ Mailer Advert 2

Editorial Contributions - SA Garden and Home 

G&H May 2015
G&H June 2015
G&H December 2015
G&H August 2015
G&H July 2016
G&H August 2016
G&H March 2017