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Installation costs vary depending on the details of the design, and on how you want to install the design.


We can install:

  • In FULL, working with our network of suppliers.

  • In PHASES, working with our network of suppliers. 

  • DIY, with assistance in the form of site visits and advice/work with gardener, or other as identified.

  • DIY, without assistance. 



Every garden has its own unique needs in addition to general maintenance activities such as mowing the lawn. I spend time with your gardener addressing needs that are specific to your garden. 

Some of the topics that can be covered are: how to trim hedges correctly, how to prune roses, when and how to fertilize, which shrubs/plants require trimming and when. 

An initial Consultation is necessary to assess your garden's needs and to get input from you. This is billed as a Consultation. 

For more information on any of the above services, please Contact Us.