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Elements of good design.

When it comes to design, Blue Petal offers everything you need to create your beautiful Soul Garden. This is the Blue Petal promise:

Elements of good garden design – the Blue Petal promise:

  • Low maintenance – a well designed/planned garden will look beautiful all year round and be low maintenance. The right choice of plants and hard landscaping elements will ensure that you are not spending every weekend in the garden – unless you’re an avid gardener of course!

  • Water wise - we all need to do our bit to conserve water and in the garden this is achieved with careful planning and zoning and by selecting the right plant for the right place. Water wise does not mean having a succulent garden – you can have (almost!) anything you want!

  • Cost effective – implementing or changing a garden is never “cheap” but having a plan with the right choice of plants will go a long way towards saving you money in the long run by helping you avoid costly mistakes. A plan also allows you to implement the design over time as your budget permits.

  • Long-term investment – a good design takes a long term view of the garden. What will plants do over time, how big will the tree get, what about its roots, what are your future plans…

  • Suited to the architectural style of your home – and your own style! You’ll achieve a much better affect by tying the style of your garden to the style of your home – and where we can, we’ll bring in your own special quirkiness in a way that works!

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