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This is an hour to 1.5 hours spent with you to assess your needs, assess the site, discuss initial ideas, provide advice and recommendations. Following the Consultation, it will be clear if we need to work on a design layout or if we can proceed without it. 


A GARDEN CONSULTATION includes offering advice on all exterior spaces, building alterations, entrances and patios, entertainment areas, swimming pools and firepits/bomas.

The cost of a consultation is determined by location, so please enquire.  

  • ONLINE CONSULTATION are also offered. For more information, please Contact Us.


Conceptualize. Develop. Present. Refine. 


We work with landscape design software and provide full colour detailed or basic layouts, together with plant and hardlandscaping lists. The cost of a Design Plan varies and is dependent on the size of the garden, the level of detail required, and therefore the number of hours required. 3D views are also available. 

There are times when a Design Plan is not required in order to move to the installation phase, and we can cost and install from initial ideas and hand-drawn sketches, e.g. for revamps or spruce ups or small areas. This, however, can only be determined following a Garden Consultation/site visit.

  • For DIY/ONLINE garden design plan please Contact Us.



Execute. Project Manage. Quality Control. Deliver.

Installation costs vary depending on the details of the design, and on how you want to install the design.


We can install:

  • In FULL, working with our network of suppliers.

  • In PHASES, working with our network of suppliers. 

  • DIY, with assistance in the form of site visits and advice/work with the gardener, or other as identified.

  • DIY, without assistance. 



Every garden has its own unique needs in addition to general maintenance activities such as mowing the lawn. I spend time with your gardener addressing needs that are specific to your garden. 

Some of the topics that can be covered are: how to trim hedges correctly, how to prune roses, when and how to fertilize, which shrubs/plants require trimming and when. 

An initial consultation is necessary to assess your garden's needs and to get input from you. This is billed as a Consultation. 

For more information on any of the above services, please Contact Us.   

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